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Qianhai expansion, Dongguan Bay New Area to benefit!

On September 6, the COMMUNIST Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and The State Council issued a plan for comprehensively deepening reform and opening up of the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone. It is worth mentioning that after the expansion of Shenzhen Qianhai, the adjacent exhibition New Town and Ocean New Town area (east to Songfu Avenue, south to Fuyong River, west to coastline, north to Dongbao River and Shajing North Ring Road) on its north side are 29.36 square kilometers, adjacent to Dongguan Bay New Area.


1) Qianhai expands capacity to boost industrial upgrading of Marina Bay New Area

The Marina Bay New Area is closely adjacent to The Ocean New City. The enlarged Qianhai Cooperation Zone has upgraded the Ocean New City to the ocean New City of Qianhai. Marina Bay New Area is not only close to ocean New City, but qianhai Ocean New City, which will definitely carry a higher level of enterprises in the future. However, as the first batch of industrial projects in The Marina Bay New Area, Xinhong Oufeiguang · Bay Area Innovation Center is more duty-bound to help the industrial upgrading of The Marina Bay New Area.

2) In the following development, Marina Bay New Area may become the fourth free Trade Zone in Guangdong Province!

At present, half of the entire east bank of the Pearl River is qianhai FREE Trade Zone. For the future of the whole coastline, the strength of The Marina Bay New Area is capable of upgrading to a free trade zone and developing together with Qianhai. At present, both Binhai Bay New Area and Qianhai After expansion belong to the most shining coastal zone on the east bank of pearl River. Especially, Binhai Bay New Area and Qianhai Ocean New City also belong to the same coastline. The key point is that they are in the period of land reclamation. If the geographical division is separate, in fact, The Marina Bay New Area and Haiyang New City are one family, which is very similar to the relationship between Qianhai and Baozhong before expansion.

3) Marina Bay New Area is likely to be incorporated into Qianhai's system!

In the 14th Five-year Planning outline of Dongguan, The Marina Bay New Area needs to strive to be included in the expansion of China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone, and will be built into an agglomeration area of multinational business and trade service centers. It has been made clear that The Marina Bay New Area will strive to enter the free trade Zone. Entering into the FREE Trade Zone means that it is close to Qianhai in terms of status, and in the later development, there is a high probability that The Marina Bay New Area will be included in Qianhai. In general, the expansion of Qianhai Cooperation Zone makes Marina Bay New Zone and Qianhai Cooperation Zone neighbors. With the continuous improvement of the new area's benefits, Marina Bay New Area will be able to get more resources spillover and its future development will be immeasurable!

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