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Property Model
Customer Service

  Responsible for decoration management, vacant house management, and project maintenance tracking work during the normal period.

  Responsible for the tracking, processing and closing of business complaints and repairs.

  Responsible for communication with business owners in the jurisdiction to assist key business owners in communication.

Order Maintenance

  Strictly check the identities and certificates of people entering and leaving the park, and strictly perform notification and registration procedures in accordance with the regulations of the property.

  Responsible for the patrol inspection of public facilities and equipment in the area to ensure that the personnel, property, environment, etc. in the area are in a safe state.

  Use order maintenance monitoring, fire alarm and other equipment to monitor various dynamic conditions in the park.

Cleaning, Greening

  Ensure that the roads, facilities and equipment are free of dust, no woven nets, no fallen leaves, no garbage, no obvious mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, and rats.

  Ensure that there are no obvious diseases and insect pests in the landscape greening in the park, no obvious withering, dead plants, and lack of plants.

Engineering Management

  Responsible for the normal operation of high/low voltage power supply and distribution and other heavy current system equipment, daily regular operation inspection and maintenance work.

  Follow up the construction inspection of the decoration unit and make a record of the concealed project verification.

  Complete on-duty maintenance orders in a timely and efficient manner.

  Inspection, repair and maintenance of facilities and equipment.

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