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Bay Area new action, good Marina Bay!

Recently, Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission issued a notice to conduct a special study on the joint development and construction scheme of Shenzhen Qianhai, Zhongshan Cuiheng and Dongguan Marina Bay!

According to the bidding information, Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission, as the principal of this bidding, studies the project of "Joint Development and Construction Scheme of Qianhai, Zhongshan Cuiheng and Dongguan Marina Bay", requiring the applicants to be institutions of higher learning, research institutes, etc.

The research content includes but is not limited to the current situation and existing problems of shenzhen, Dongguan and Zhongshan cooperation, analyzes the opportunities and challenges in the new development pattern, compares and analyzes the advanced experience of regional cooperation at home and abroad, and puts forward the cooperation mechanism, ideas and measures of the three regions.

Although it is still in the preliminary research stage, led by Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission, it means that Qianhai, Marina Bay and Cuiheng are expected to develop and build together to realize resource sharing, which will bring significant development opportunities to Dongguan and Zhongshan.

On September 6 this year, the CPC Central Committee and The State Council issued the Content of "Comprehensively Deepening the Reform and Opening-up Plan of Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone", which proposed that Qianhai would be expanded from 14.92 square kilometers to 120.56 square kilometers, an expansion of up to 8 times!

After expansion, qianhai Cooperation Zone will directly reach dongbao River, the border between Dongguan and Shenzhen, which is close to Dongguan's Binhai Bay New Area, which is equivalent to seamless connection of Binhai Bay with Qianhai.

The expansion of Qianhai has laid a foundation for the joint development of Marina Bay and Qianhai, which is not only the docking of geography and transportation, but also the connection and sharing of industries and resources.

Dongguan Binhai Bay New Area is closely connected with Qianhai after the expansion. Without geographical barriers, the connectivity will be much smoother.

As one of the three urban cores of Dongguan, Marina Bay New Area has undergone tremendous changes in the past four years since its establishment in 2017, and its achievements are obvious to all.

At present, the "five vertical and one horizontal" roads in The Marina Bay New Area were completed and opened to traffic last year, and the "internal and external" transportation network framework was basically formed. Marina Bay Bridge, Dongwan Avenue, Marina Bay Avenue Sha Chung Bridge and other projects are also under construction.

The new area is striving to create a Hong Kong and Macao wharf, two intercity rails, three high-speed railways and four expressways. With convenient access to the five airports, the goal is to connect the region, connect the three centers, and connect Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

From the improvement of the transportation hub, to the construction of livelihood facilities, and then to the construction of industrial projects, the "roar" of the marina Bay construction engine is ringing around the city, "waving the flag" for high-quality economic and social development, and gathering new momentum for the Marina Bay New Area to compete with the Greater Bay Area.

As one of the first major industrial projects to be constructed in The Marina Bay New Area, The first phase of xinhong Oufeiguang bay Innovation Center is in full swing. The single-family R&D building of the headquarters has been capped, and the r&d plant has been constructed to 2/3, and the top is planned to be capped in June 2022.

Project to build a collection of production, research and development, office, residence, financial, business and leisure wisdom kechuang new town, the thin light leading enterprises should play the role of high-end led, photovoltaic industry as the core, build innovation incubation, science and technology research and development platform, and around a new generation of information technology, intelligent manufacture, new materials and other strategic emerging industries as the main investment direction. It is committed to building a "demonstration park of photoelectric industry with global influence".

In the future, the joint development and construction of Shenzhen Qianhai and Marina Bay will surely add fuel to the fire of the hot Marina Bay New Area and help the rise of Marina Bay and Dongguan in the Greater Bay Area. Sinhong Oufeiguang · Bay Area Science and Technology Innovation Center will also boost the industrial upgrading of The Marina Bay New Area and even Dongguan on this "fertile soil".

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