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Heavy news! OFILM. Bay Area Science and Technology Innovation Center was successfully included in the city's major construction projects in 2021


▲Oufeiguang. Bird's-eye view of the Bay Area Science and Technology Center



Recently, the city's major construction projects and major construction preparatory projects in 2021 were announced. According to the "Notice of the Office of the People's Government of Dongguan on Printing and Distributing Major Construction Project Plans and Major Preparatory Project Plans in 2021", a total of 481 major construction projects will be arranged in 2021, with a total investment of 618.79 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 85.3 billion yuan; major preparations will be arranged There are 233 projects with an estimated total investment of 320.45 billion yuan.


In this list of projects, there are 11 major construction projects and 4 major preparatory projects in the Marina Bay New Area. The annual investment plan for 11 major construction projects is 4.594 billion yuan. From January to February this year, the new area has completed a total of 496 million yuan of investment, which is 10.8% of the annual investment plan.


Among the 11 major projects, there are two reclamation projects, namely the Shenzhen Ocean Technology R&D Service Base Project and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Cultural Street Project; two municipal road projects, namely Dongwan Avenue (Jiaoyiwan Section) ) Project, the Marina Bay Bridge project; and the five industrial projects of OPPO Intelligent Manufacturing Center, Xiaotiancai Intelligent Technology Center Phase I, OFILM Bay Area Science and Technology Center Project, Ziguang Core Cloud Industrial City Project Phase I, and Zhengzhong Science Park. In addition, it also includes two people's livelihood projects, Zhenyuan Middle School and Binhai Bay Foreign Language School.



▲Oufeiguang. Bay Area Science and Technology Innovation Center plant renderings



Analyzing 11 major construction projects, we can see the future industrial structure and people's livelihood of the new area. Marina Bay is accumulating new momentum for economic development. The four major preparatory projects also show the surging driving force for the high-quality development of the new area, namely the OPPO chip R&D center project, the vivo smart terminal headquarters, the OPPO corporate culture museum, and the Marina Bay Youth City.



▲Effect picture of OPPO Intelligent Manufacturing Center




▲Construction drawing of Marina Bay Bridge



The construction of major projects is the backbone of the accelerated rise of the Binhai Bay New Area. In the past 2020, the city has assigned a major construction project investment task of 6.13 billion yuan in the new area, and the new area has completed an investment of nearly 7 billion yuan, completing 114.19% of the annual target and task, ranking second in the towns and parks of the city.


Image source: transferred from the Administrative Committee of Binhaiwan New District, Dongguan City

Original title: Accumulate new kinetic energy! 11 major projects in Marina Bay have been announced, with an annual investment of about 4.6 billion yuan!

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