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Study | booster letter hon the thin light, bay area kechuang center city integration development

On July 7, 2021, Lu Jianting, deputy General Manager of Xinhong Group, Yu Weijie, General manager of Oufeiguang · Bay Area Science innovation Center led the project team to Shenzhen Longgang Xinghe Industry Group for investigation and study. Xiang Junbo, vice President of Xinghe Industry Group, Gong Jianhua, General manager of Shenzhen Company of Xinghe Industry Group and their team warmly received and accompanied them throughout the whole journey. The purpose of this investigation is to learn the advanced experience in the industrial field of Shenzhen, and at the same time, to learn from the innovative development mode of The enterprise incubation and operation service of Xinghe Industry Group.

The delegation from Xinhong Oufeiguang · Bay Area Science and Innovation Center visited the sand table, brand exhibition hall, enterprise incubation base and crowd innovation space of two projects of Xinghe Industry Group, Namely Xinghe WORLD and Xinghe · Lingchuangtian. And listen to the narrator to introduce the park's development mode and project operation service details, in-depth understanding of xinghe Industry Group with industry + housing model to deeply practice the "industry-city integration". Among them, Xinghe WORLD, as a representative of the integration of industry and city, has won many honors, such as National Science and Technology Business Incubator, Guangdong Provincial Characteristic Town, "Top Ten Key Projects in Shenzhen", and top Ten Excellent Industrial Parks in China in 2020.

After the visit, the two sides held on industry development, the future city renewal and how is the present industrial real estate market in professional and double balance state of seeking survival carried on the thorough discussion, the two sides agreed that the operation service is the primary factor in the innovation and development, and the future combining respective advantages of resources to carry out the project cooperation has carried on the preliminary communication.

In the future, xinhong Oufeiguang bay Area Science and Technology Innovation Center will continue to learn from advanced industry, expand vision, broaden thinking, accumulate experience, seek breakthroughs, actively build a good operation service platform for enterprises in the park, constantly improve the service content, speed up high-quality construction of industry-city integration, and help regional coordinated development!

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